Our History

   In one of  those beautiful vales, formed by the projection of the finger-like spurs of the highlands in the central basin in the County of Williamson, are situated the Fernvale Springs.  The drive from Franklin is over a delightful gravelly pike for a greater part of the distance of thirteen miles.  There is no more ....                                                                                        


                     With an attention to detail BEECHTREE'S extremely small batches are processed and distilled using a true spring water  straight from the hillside's of Fernvale TN.  With a hands-on approach  BEECHTREE products are put through a 2 step process. a mash of 250 gallons is  first distilled in our 250 gallon wash still (Big Daddy ). then held to redistill in our  100 gallon  spirit  still (mimmie).  Carefully blended and filtered using  maple charcoal  a True Tennessee product is born.



    Small Batch


   Our spirits are Hand Made in   true  Tennessee Fashion . Our whiskeys , rums and moonshines  are made  with real spring water  from start to finish in Nashville Tn less than 30 mins from Fernvale TN the original home of BEECHTREE.

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    Our Spirits


Fernvale 1879